Overview of Contents

From the President

Watch this space for information straight from the horse’s mouth. Reports on the running and status of the society will be published here. General information regarding conservation and cycad related topics will be addressed in this column.

From the Council

This is the spot for official reports contributed by council members on their activities and issues affecting the Cycad Society of South Africa.

New Cycad Publications

To keep our members up to date on new Cycad related publications they are reviewed, where possible, and a short report is published.

Letters to the Editor

This is where you, the member can ask questions, debate issues and make contact with other members. If you have news related to cycads, your branch of the society or anything of general interest, please send it in.

Focus On

If there is one reason Encephalartos is valuable to any cycad enthusiast, collector or grower, this is it. The Focus On article treats an individual cycad species. Information on identification, growing requirements, habitat, propagation and size and a lot more can be found here. Roy Osborne is currently writing on the species of Australia.

Short Communications

If you do not have enough material for a full length article, write a letter and share it with the other members. This is a valuable aspect of the journal since it reaches all our members and everyone can contribute.

How to contribute to the Journal

ENCEPHALARTOS is an international journal and the main language used is English. However, contributions may be written in Afrikaans and submitted if the author prefers, but any such articles will be translated into English for printing. All pages of a manuscript must be numbered consecutively. Photographs should be of excellent quality with clear details and adequate contrast. The tables and figures/photographs of a manuscript should be numbered and all tables should have a heading. All figures/photographs should have a legend. All figures/photographs should bear written on the reverse the name of the author, figure number and the top of the figure.

Formal descriptions of new cycad taxa and new name combinations may be published in Encephalartos. You are, however, advised to rather publish such articles in the journal Novon, which has been established especially for such articles.

Articles on potential new cycad taxa, without formally describing them as new taxa, may also be published in Encephalartos. To avoid possible confusion of names of such taxa in future, they should be designated for example by terms such as Species A or Species 99. Do not ascribe provisional names to potential new cycad taxa. One copy of the Encephalartos issue in which a contribution appears, will be supplied gratis to all non-member authors.

Contributions should reach the editor not later than:

April Issue :           1 March
August Issue :       1 July
December Issue :  1 November

Note: If applicable, the size of all figures and photographs will be reduced or enlarged to fit over either one or two full columns when printed. Contributions for publication should be submitted to:

The Editor: Wynand van Eeden

Postal Address:
P.O.Box 176
Tygerpark 7536
South Africa

Ordering the Encephalartos Journal

If you are a member of the society, you will receive a copy of the journal quarterly. To make sure you get a copy, join the society and receive the quarterly magazine! Non-members can buy copies of the current issue from the secretary-treasurer. Copies of some previous issues are also available and if out of stock, photo copies can be supplied of any issue.

Please contact Ian Bassingthwaighte for prices and availability.