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A new approach – The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reports that cycads (order Cycadales) are the most threatened plant group in the world.

Tess Rayner & Adam Pires – Veld & Flora, Vol 102 (1) – The order Cycadales includes over 340 named species in three families: Zamiaceae and Stangeriaceae (represented in South Africa by the genera Encephatartos and Stangeria respectively) and the Cycadaceae. Around 60% of the known and named species of the order Cycadales are presently threatened with extinction in the wild. Over 90% of the South African representatives of this plant order are considered to be Species of Conservation Concern!PDF download of scanned article – 201603 Veld and Flora 102_1Permission to republish this article with kind permission from The Botanical Society of South Africa, Veld & Flora, TRAFFIC and the EWT