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Gauteng (Central Branch)

Our credo is to promote all aspects of knowledge of cycads, and to foster a lively interest in these plants. These objects are worthy of pursuit.

Gauteng (Central Branch)

Position Name Email Tel
Chairperson Michael Graskie michaelgraskie@gmail.com
Deputy Chairperson Derick Minnaar derikminnaar1@gmail.com 083 417 7608
Branch Secretary Lizanne Graskie
Treasurer Hermann Böhm
Vice-Treasurer John Evert
Additional members: Social / Camera Eugene Engelbrecht vcontrol@futurejhb.co.za 082 881 4804
Additional members: Tours Allan Tait allan.clivia@gmail.com
Additional lid: Permits Tilania du Preez
Additional lid: Editor Central Branch Christo Page twopages@wol.co.za
Additional lid: Functions Chris and Christine van Zyl

Chairperson:  Michael Graskie

Deputy Chairperson:  Derik Minnaar

Branch Secretary:  Lizanne Graskie

Treasurer:  Herman Böhm

Vice Treasurer:  John Evert

Additional Members (Social Camera):  Eugene Engelbrecht

Additional Members (Tours):  Allan Tait

Additional Lid (Permits):  Tilania du Preez

Additional lid (Editor Central Branch):  Christo Page

Additional lid (Functions):  Chris and Christine van Zyl